Being one of the lucky few, who got a chance to travel the world and experience so many diverse cultures, I’ve always looked for ways to share these experiences with people around me. After much thought, World In My Wallet was my answer.

It is envisioned to give YOU my life’s experiences, in a nutshell; to give you a feel of the beauty of Africa, the diverse culture of Dubai and the Warmth of India. I wish to be your ‘trusted friend’, who can take you around these places undauntingly.

My journey started from Africa and evolved to living in India, Dubai and the United States of America.I very proudly say i have 4 homes and i just travel from one home to another be it the US, Africa, India or Dubai. Growing up in Zambia, i saw nature at its purest and wildest form, I want you to see the same, the clearest sky, the mightiest falls, the unadulterated nature and the magnificent wildlife. I can assure you that a trip with World In My Wallet is sure to heighten your senses and leave you in awe.

So come and take a vacation out of the ordinary, with me and the team of World in My Wallet.

Happy Travelling,
Pranav V. Patel